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Politický marketing na podporu komplexních reforem

Následující text je od studenta VŠFS Aleše Drahokoupila. Píše diplomovou práci v angličtině na téma "Politický marketing” a jeho teze ukazují na možnost, zejména však nutnost při realizaci reforem politický marketing využít. Současně naznačuje jak a na koho jej zaměřit:

Aleš Drahokoupil

To initiate the paradigm shift towards the society of productive services, the implementation of necessary reforms will have to be channeled through a political process. The reforms can be pushed through by established political parties or through a new political entity. The problem is that there is a lack of awareness about the necessity of these reforms among public. Until the public is aware of these issues, the reforms cannot be part of any political program. No reform can be implemented without public support and therefore these issues should be widely communicated and discussed. To increase the awareness and initiate the discussion, the use of marketing methods and tools might be necessary.

Political campaigning and politics in general are increasingly professionalized. The impact of political marketing on political campaigning is increasing. People are often discontented with politicians and dissatisfied with politics in general. Many people would even prefer to replace all politicians with managers, which would run the state as a company. In the past, voters chose their candidates or parties mainly on their affiliation to certain ideas and ideologies. Today, winners are those who research opinions of their target customers (voters) and offer them a product (party, program or candidate) tailored for their needs and wants. This process does not differ much from classic business marketing. Because of this ‘bottom up' approach, it might be necessary to use marketing methods to promote discussion about productive services society well ahead of any election to facilitate the discussion.

There is a debate going on about the effects of political marketing on democracy. The fact is that marketing approach is not only integral part of today's political campaigning, but most likely also dominant and essential factor of it. I believe that if done correctly, by the right people with the right motivation, it can significantly improve chances of implementing the necessary reforms and therefore help society as a whole.

Political campaigns of the main established parties in the Czech Republic cost tens of millions crowns. Although these investments itself do not automatically guarantee success, they put the established parties in considerable advantage. It would be very difficult for any new political entity to match this expenditure. The solution to get over this barrier might be the use of guerilla marketing as cheaper alternative to traditional marketing methods. There is no clear definition of guerilla marketing, but generally it is about using original ideas and wit rather than money. The campaign should be aimed at young people (18-35 years old), because the impacts and implications of reforms will be long-term and affecting them the most. Guerilla marketing is the best method to reach out to this age group because these people are often immune to traditional marketing methods. The communication with young also has to involve use of new technologies and the Internet. More than anything else the young should be motivated to get involved within communities and civic life in general. It is waste of time try to persuade young (or anyone else for that matter) to vote if they do not believe that the political entities represent their interest and are unable to change anything at all. There is always a danger that extreme political (in both sides of the political spectrum) or religious organizations will be more attractive choice.              

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