R2016/092: 19th Conference Human Capital

2. květen 2016 | 07.00 |

19th Annual International Conference

Human Capital and Investment in Education

24th and 25th November 2016

At the precinct of the University of Finance and Administration

Estonská 500, 101 00 Praha 10

Date and time:

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November 2016 (24/ 11 – 25 /11 from 9.00)


KCE VŠFS, Estonská 500


70 Euro

Main guarantor:

doc. Radim Valenčík

This year's event will focus on the inclusion of the proceedings to recognized database (WoS)

University of Finance and Administration invites you to the 19th Annual International Conference:

Human Capital and Investment in Education

The conference takes place on 24th and 25th November 2016

At the precincts of University of Finance and Administration

Estonská 300, 101 00 Praha 1

The conference proceeding will take place in the following sections:

Section A: Factors of human capital development and economic growth (education, health, etc.):

- How do changes in the nature of economic growth relate to changes in the content of education?

- What role does education play in economic development?

- What are the possibilities in cooperation between universities and firms?

- What are the main determiners of education and health as the key factors of human resources development?

Section B: The issues of financing of the tertiary education in the context of social models:

- How is effectiveness of tertiary education related to education financing forms?

- What are the experiences with implementing different forms of financing in the world and in our country?

- How can we ensure equal access to (even to top-quality and most prestigious) tertiary education services?

- Using HCC (human capital contract) in financing tertiary education: past or future?

- Which social models, principles and approaches are there in the field of education?

Section C: Economy of productive services and lengthening the productive use:

- The fourth industrial revolution or economy based on productive services?

- How to reform the systems of social investing and social insurance (how are the reforms in these areas related)?

- What are the barriers of reforms in the area of productive services and how to overcome them?

- What are the relations of productive services, remuneration rate and sustainability of socioeconomic development?

Retrosection: Civilization on the crossroads after 50 years

- Is the legacy of Richt's team still relevant after 50 years?

- Who would deserve R. Richt's prize in the world and in our country if it were awarded?

Student section: Education – the transferee's viewpoint

The above mentioned questions will be dealt with from the education services transferee's point of view.

Authors whose papers will not be discussed in sections may present them in the form of posters during the conference. You may attend the conference without submitting a paper on condition that the conference fee is paid.

Conference language: English, Czech


·                  All paper submitions will undergo a review process

·                  The proceedings will contain only papers which were successful in the review process

·                  The proceedings will be sent to Thomson Reuters to be included in the Web of Science database

·                  The extended versions of papers are welcome in the review proces of ACTA VŠFS journal which is implemented in ERIH database

·                  Manuscripts in the range 6 - 10 pages

·                  Guidelines for Authors: http://www.vsfs.cz/prilohy/acta_guidelines_for_authors_1.pdf

Important dates:

REGISTRATION (with paper)                       30 Sep 2016  

Deadline for paper submission                      30 Sep 2016 

Results of the review process                        31 Oct 2016 

REGISTRATION (without paper)                  31 Oct 2016 

Deadline for final paper submission              15 Nov 2016 

Conference fee payment                                15 Nov 2016


Mgr. Martina Linhartová: martina.linhartova@vsfs.cz

doc. Radim Valenčík: radim.valencik@vsfs.cz

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