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23. leden 2016 | 07.00 |

This scientific monography (yearbook) PERSPECTIVES AND FINANCING OF PRODUCTIVE SERVICES (second of its kind) is based on knowledge gathered during the series of conferences Human capital and investment in education (in 2015 18th year took place). As a most general cause of current socioeconomic problems we consider the fact, that up to now the focus of current development has not been switched to the society of productive services, e.g. the economic baseline where the productive services are directly connected with acquiring, maintaining and utilizing of human capital.

Basic theses in English, which we build on, are published in the first yearbook, online available here:

Socioeconomic analysis, which we in this monography-yearbook present, contains:

1. The characteristics of current stage of global society development, which we consider being a form of some historical excess, e.g. times when rapidly arise and strengthen the problems that spill over to conflicts threating the very existence of our civilization

2. Identification of causes of the current problems

- Original causes, that are connected with the difficulties of moving to economy based on productive services based on acquiring, maintaining and utilizing of human capital

- Subsequent causes that are connected with significant importance of the structures based on covering breaking generally accepted rules and structures based on position investment

3. The criticism of the concept of 4th industrial revolution, which hides the origin of current problems and is a quasi-theoretical support to exclude large social groups from active participation on the development of society, which finally can lead to misuse of those groups as a destructive force.

4. A concept of game (complex of games) called "Titanic-type” which makes current conflicts visible, shows where the game has come, makes possible to read from the reality what is going on, who is who and what to do.

5. A suggestion of next (in comparison to last yearbook) steps of complex reforms, which realization can overcome the current issues (in Czech Republic with respect to the international context). And that including the steps which can be done very quickly.

6. Analysis of the financial market development from the point of identifying the general background of causes of the "snag” phenomenon, which emerges when using investment opportunities on financial markets.

7. Showing the starting prerequisites of realization of complex reforms focused on support the creation of the branch of productive services (more exactly the starting windows for communication and finalizing the preparation of reforms in the conditions we are currently in).

As a most significant improvement compared to the last year we consider:

- Work out of the Titanic-type game as a tool for reading or making the reality visible

- Identifying the "snag” phenomenon on financial markets when utilizing the investment opportunities.

Both improvements utilize the game theory. Analysis of Titanic-type game and its concept utilizes tools of non cooperative games, identifying of "snag” phenomenon when using investment opportunities and solving related problems utilizes a cooperative games approach.

- Elaborating the HCC (human capital contract) concept from the social models perspective and possibilities of financing universities on motivated and socially accessible basis.

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