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V rámci seriálu o reformách uveřejňuji teze připravované monografie v angličtině:

Monograph PERSPECTIVES AND FINANCING OF PRODUCTIVE SERVICES deals with the issue of complex reforms related to the growth of human capital role, their context and implementation dimension in the intentions of the following theses:

1. The most general cause of the current problems lies in the fact that there was no re-orientation of the existing permanent development towards the society of productive services, i.e. a society where the core of the economy is represented by productive services immediately connected with acquiring, maintaining and utilizing human capital.

2. Economic growth can be both exponentially dynamic and sustainable, or more precisely it must be exponentially dynamic to be sustainable. The ground of this growth type are productive services with their effects depicted in the following figure:

More efficient utilization of investment opportunities connected with the development, maintaining and utilization of human skills may even enhance the exponential dynamics of growth (in the sense of proportional increase from the increasing base) as against the one resulting from the industrial revolution.

3. A crucial condition for the transition to economy based on productive services is the interest of subjects operating in the sector of productive services through establishing feedback (non-intermediated institutional decision) among the effects of productive services and financing of these subjects. Development of this feedback through human capital contracts can substantially contribute to higher dynamics of economic growth, positive changes of its character and enhanced quality of life. It is a change comparable with industrial revolution (possibly even more distinct).

4. In order to enforce new economy, i.e. the economy of productive services, it is necessary to have a complex of interlinked reforms in the sectors of social investment and social insurance (especially education, health care and pension scheme). It involves reforms calling for full utilization of investment opportunities in the area of acquiring, maintaining and utilizing of human capital. Their implementation is thus connected with society´s focus on substantially higher level of equality while utilizing these investment opportunities (in the sense of independence on starting property-and-income-related conditions of the holder of investment opportunities).

5. The inability to create a realist idea of the possibility of exponentially dynamic sustainable growth is a gnoseological cause of creating and spreading the visions of catastrophic or forced tackling of problems related to the existence of insuperable barriers of growth (through the regulation of consumption, restriction of the population number etc.). These concepts subsequently increase the intensity of status investment, which results in economic segregation of the society and weakening the institutional system by the activity of structures that are based on covering-up the violation of generally accepted principles. As a result, the reforms in the areas of social investment and social insurance systems are deformed and their unbiased indispensability for activities damaging the society is misused.

6. Threats and opportunities currently emerging in individual countries, along with the utilization of the theory, allow to show the way of enforcing conceptual complex reforms in the areas of social investment and social insurance. The reforms that focus on full utilization of investment opportunities related to free growth of a man and envisioning an improved market in that particular area on the basis of transfer price and intermediated application of the transfer price.

7. In order to perform the analysis of barriers arising between the theoretical solution and their practical implementation, it is possible or even necessary to use the theory of games, in particular during the analysis of status investment, during the analysis of activities of structures based on covering-up the violation of generally accepted principles and during the investigation of the possibilities of positive development on financial markets.

8. Considering the fact that the efforts to cover the influence of structures based on covering-up the violation of generally accepted principles grew into systematic escalation of conflicts and increase in their intensity, it is necessary to pay attention to the analysis of the current development and its predictions with the objective to specify and to define conditions (including an estimate of when they may occur) that will allow to start a process of professional and mainly public discussions on necessary reforms and their local as well as global context, in response to the broader awareness that we are in a historical excess.

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